Monday, 8 January 2018

Selenium Tutorial for Beginners

Selenium Tutorial
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Selenium Tutorial For Beginners
Selenium Tutorial for Beginners
Selenium is an open source technology for automating browser-based applications. Selenium is easy to get started with for simple functional testing of a Web application. I can usually take a beginner with some light testing experience and teach them Selenium in a 2 day course. A few years ago I wrote a fast and easy tutorial Building Selenium Tests For Web Applications tutorial for beginners.

The Selenium Tutorial for Beginners has the following chapters:
  •  1: Write Your First Functional Selenium Test
  •  2: Write Your First Functional Selenium Test of an Ajax application
  •  3: Choosing between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2
  •  4: Install and Configure Selenium RC, Grid
  • 5: Use Record/Playback Tools Instead of Writing Test Code
  • 6: Repurpose Selenium Tests To Be Load and Performance Tests
  • 7: Repurpose Selenium Tests To Be Production Service Monitors
  • 8: Analyze the Selenium Test Logged Results To Identify Functional Issues and Performance Bottlenecks
  • 9: Debugging Selenium Tests
  • 10: Testing Flex/Flash Applications Using Selenium
  • 11: Using Selenium In Agile Software Development Methodology
  • 12: Run Selenium tests from HP Quality Center, HP Test Director, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo
  • 13: Alternative To Selenium
  • A community of supporting open source projects - including my own PushToTest TestMaker - enables you to apply your Selenium tests as functional tests for smoke testing, regression testing, and integration tests, load and performance tests, and production service monitors. These techniques and tools make it easy to run Selenium tests from test management platforms, including HP Quality Center, HP Test Director, Zephyr, TestLink, QMetry, from automated Continuous Integration (CI) tests, including Hudson, Jenkins, Cruise Control, and Bamboo.

I wrote a Selenium tutorial for beginners to make it easy to get started and take advantage of the advanced topics. Download TestMaker Community to get the Selenium tutorial for beginners and immediately build and run your first Selenium tests. It is entirely open source and free!