About Us

KALIBUR envisions a Knowledge center model, where individuals from various interests seeking to learn could get a wide range of internationally acclaimed subject matter. We aim to provide a seamless and optimal learning experience to aspirants of diverse backgrounds. We partner with international experts to provide the content and are on a constant mission to increase the portfolio of content, from the depth of the content to the array of subject matter.

At KALIBUR we have experienced and dedicated instructors on hand who will assist you in your pursuit of Knowledge and enhance your learning experience. We provide instructor based learning in areas of English Language Skills Enhancement and Information Technology. We do this with a clear understanding that each individual’s learning requirements and basic fundamentals could be vastly different.

KALIBUR offers a World class curriculum for individuals who are seeking to develop and enhance their skills of the English Language. We train individuals to take the IELTS Test and are partnered with the BRITISH COUNCIL in this endeavor. Along with preparing students for the IELTS, we offer training in Spoken English and Personality Development.

KALIBUR is dedicated to offering an optimal learning experience for those who seek it. We take pride in saying that we are a trusted source of Knowledge.

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